How much is 4 years of your life worth?

I’m just sitting in my kitchen listening to old Jackson 5 recordings thinking “well isn’t this just fine and dandy” , the 76ers have secured the number one pick in this upcoming draft. I know it is a great honor to be named a number one overall draft pick and you can go down with the greats that got picked at the spot i.e Lebron, Iverson, Shaq. Just sit back and think about it for just a little tho. Is this year, the year you want to be the first pick? I personally do not think so. I understand that the number one pick makes 1.57 million more than the guy picked right after him  but , this is Philly we are talking about the team that seems for the last couple of years doesn’t even want to win and would rather tank their season away then actually play basketball. The 76ers whole mantra of their organization must be to involve yourself inside of 3 team deals and rather then pick up talent you stock pile draft picks. I could understand if the talent that they are seeking in the draft actually showed up and produced for the team but that isn’t the case there is it.

In 2014 , the 76ers held the 3rd overall pick in the draft and decided to take a chance on a hurt Joel Embiid out of Kansas. To the 76ers defense there wasn’t much to trade the pick for in that draft anyway ( i do like Jordan Clarkson and Mirotic from the Bulls there though). Surprisingly they had 7 picks in that draft which was only two years ago and some notable names were Elfrid Payton now with the magic, K.J Mcdaniels who had moments with the Rockets , and Russ Smith who ended up in Memphis. It is amazing how they let decent talent walk through the door and they end up tanking the season. I like to call Philly a career killer team . You waste 4 years of your basketball life under a rookie contract playing for a team that seems like they do not want to improve in any way . Agreed you must take risks to become successful but the risks they take do not equal success.

Reports have been out  about Ben Simmons and his lack of drive/ motor in some games. I wonder how that will correlate when he is projected to go to Philly in front of a relatively empty gym not surrounded by much talent. I personally believe that Simmons is the best player in the draft but , i would not want to see him there ( i would like to see him in L.A ). I would more like to see Ingram there with his ability to shoot. I say that if Simmons goes to Philly that the paint would be extremely crowed because of the fact that there is where he inflicts the most damage .  That would just be a horrible basketball fit at their current state. Ingram on the other hand would space the floor more and allow the other front court players to move freely in their respectively games.

The number 2 spot in the draft might be the best position in the draft for a young up and coming star . The bright lights of the Lakers allow one to relish from all the possible endorsements and all the other incentives that  Hollywood can help you rake in but ,I  have to ask you , ” How Much Is 4 years Of Your Life Worth”  , well i can tell you 1.57 million dollars  to be exact .


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