Cavs Vs Raptors / Game 6

IF YOU DONT FEEL LIKE READING THIS I LEFT A VIDEO FOR YOU AT THE BOTTOM . The road team finally won !!!!!! Also, it seems as if the king is still positioned nicely on his throne of the NBA. Well until we find out who will come out of the west . It was not very difficult for the king to reach his 6th straight nba finals as a player. The cavs have made it to back to back finals which is also a great feat in its own right . The raptors did not give up easily in their approach either. They never stopped fighting despite being down 20 points multiple times in the game 6 loss. The game started off like most think it would , with the cavs pushing a hot start.

Lowery started off the game aggressively getting to the rim on the raptors first possession converting an and- one in the progress. The cavs also made it a priority to get love involved in the game early ( pick and pop and lebron driving deep in the paint allowing him to have space on 3 point baskets) . Lebron ended up knocking down early 3’s , making the defense come close out and overall making the game easier. The two man game for the raptors took over early Derozan and Lowery combined for 9-21 in the first half. We also had a Jonas sighting for the Raptors also. When he entered the game ,  he graced his team with instant offense. There was also a controversial flagrant call on Bismack that i felt changed the feel of the game and when it went south for the raptors. I personally say that that shouldn’t of been a flagrant foul but a regular foul without going to the monitor.

The  cavs big three collectively end the game all with 20 points . A stat line that they are undefeated with in this season. Lebron ended the game with 33 points 11 rebounds and 6 assists. Kevin love chipped in a rare of this series double double with 20 points and 12 rebounds. Kyrie ended the game with 30 pints and 9 assists a playoff high for the “Layup King”. My biggest surprise though was J.R Smith who knocked in 5 timely 3 point buckets when it felt like the cavs need it the most. The duo of Lowery and Derozan  combine for 55 points on 20-40 shooting . The rest of the Raptors stats were pretty much uninteresting other then the 3-9 shooting from Patterson that i feel would have put the raptors in better position if he hit a couple of his wide open jump shots.

Do i feel the cavs can continue to play like this and win …no . But that is not the topic at hand now . Tonight is about celebrating the cavs making it to the final closing out the series at 4-2 and we will await to see who will play them on Thursday . The king is here and the east can only stand and watch



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