If He’s #1 , Then Who’s #2

On October 12, 1979 the  NBA changed forever when Chris Ford made the first official  3 point basket in NBA history.

If you follow basketball in any form then you should know that Steph Curry is the best shooter of all time. Well i hope you know because even though he has only played in the NBA 7 years , he has left his mark as one of the most lethal marksman that the game has ever seen. I mean for gosh sakes the man shoots form NBA logos for target practice. Steph Curry has dazzled us many times my greatest showing of the man wasn’t even from an actual NBA game it was from one of his practice session . Check the video below where this man hit 77 straight three point shots and ended with 94 out of 100 .He has made over 400 threes this year and has the top 3 best shooting seasons EVER. This man without a doubt is nothing to be played with and you have no choice but to respect the shooting exhibition that he blesses us with night in and night out

With all that said that brings up the question and also the title of this post is “ If he’s number one, then who’s number two”. Now that in its own right is up for debate and that’s what i’m here for. The first names that might cross most of you basketball minds out there would be Ray Allen and Reggie Miller . So i will break all of these guys down in their respective rights

Ray Allen started his career off  playing for the Bucks. He was thought of for a long time as more than a 3 point marksman more of an all around player. In 2011 he passed Reggie Miller as the most prolific three point shooter in history after making his 2,561 three. Allen’s shooting was spectacular , he could knock down a shot with just the shallowest of air space. He was primarily a spot up shooter and could not just create his own shot. And understandably that goes for a lot of NBA players that have to rely on their jump shooting later on in their careers . Additionally, Allen’s 2005-2006 record of 269 made in a single season. his career mark of 2,973 buckets from three-point territory will be the standard by which all NBA shooters are measured.

Reggie Miller the backbone of the Pacers for a long time. He was arguably the best at off ball movement in NBA history. He was really light for a 6-7. I mean at one point he was like 170 pounds. Now when i talked about Ray and how many thought for some time he had a more polished game , Reggie is a polar opposite this man was one dimensional . Shoot the basketball was the only thing on this guys mind and there wasn’t anything wrong with that mindset because he lit up the scoreboard. Who can forget him vs the whole city of New York and that great 30 for 30 that is out on that . With 2,560 3-Pointers made and a quick glance at the list of most three-pointers in a single season shows Miller’s name come up a whopping nine times, including the career-best 229 he made in the 1996-1997 season (good enough to tie him for No. 15 on the single-season list). No wonder Spike Lee was constantly jabbing at him.

But despite the shooting greatness of both those guys ; i might have to say that Klay Thompson might be better than them both. The only person he might not end up being better than is the man who’s passing him the ball. This guy Klay Thompson is absolutely sensational. The guy just made 11 threes and hit like 5-6 in a row in a playoff game when his team was struggling to make baskets. Which was also a playoff record . This bad man by the name of Klay is known for having the most textbook form of any player in the NBA. Not only is his form to the T but it is also quick as a sniper’s rifle. He keeps the same motion regardless of position of the floor. The man can make baskets in the dark ( ARE YOU KIDDING ME )

Klay surpassed Ray Allen’s mark for 3 point shots in a single season . The man is now 4th on the list behind only behind Steph Curry , Steph  Curry , and Steph Curry. Making over 40% of his shots from long range since he entered the league also what else could you want. A 30 point quarter why not? Klay also has the best quarter by an NBA player ever with 37 and that was sparked by his great shooting .Greatly overshadowed by a man on his team who is great and also better. If i  can ask the question again , if steph is the greatest shooter of all time, then who is the second. I can tell you it’s klay Thompson and he is proving it in this years playoffs!




  1. Accidentally Single · May 30, 2016

    Can’t wait to read your analysis after tonight’s game.


    • SpeedHawksTv · May 31, 2016

      i just uploaded it lol…. i also love your post on steph curry and his wife. its amazing how they’ve been together longer then his success


      • Accidentally Single · May 31, 2016

        Thank you! They appear to be a fun couple.


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