When you look at someone who is currently crazed and some might say driven by the world of sports you must first think about where it comes fromWhen i say “it”i speak about the upbringing . The childhood

I remember waking up on Christmas Day and , it was not the presents that filled me with enthusiasm . That enthusiasm was pushed by the sheer thought that Kobe Bryant was getting ready to play in hours. I rushed and put on my Lakers t shirt and sat and watched the games that came before. I sat in front of the TV watching and my mother was known for telling me that i haven’t even opened my presents yet. Looking back on it i just think i could not let anything come in between me and watching Kobe. The thought of what he was going to do next was amazing. He could knock down 5 shots in a row and force opposing coaches to call timeouts .  I can remember school yard days arguing with my classmates about Kobe Vs Lebron (a debate that is still ongoing today) and being out numbered every time.  I stood behind my thought that Kobe was one of the greatest and winning is a standard of comparison

Usually the Lakers played in LA so me living in Mississippi ,l was two hours ahead and i had to stay up past midnight to catch a whole game usually falling asleep well before then.  At a very young age i looked at that very man that went by a first name basis “Kobe” as he lit up scoreboards and racked up championship rings while i was in the prime of my youth. The glare in his eyes as he left defenders puzzled about how to stop him. I loved his aggression and the transition inside the NBA to a softer and safer game some might of thought that it would be taboo to play so aggressive. But that was Kobe.

My greatest memory regarding to Kobe was after one day after i came home from school. My grandfather owned a business and i came to the store after school and sat around. My grandfather knew i was a fan of Kobe so he asked me “Son, how do feel about what your boy did last night” Kobe was known for putting up 40 or 50 point games and it felt routine at this point so i responded with “ I don’t know what he did , what happened”. My grandfather responded and said “DaDa (my childhood nickname) , the man scored 81 points , i thought he was gone pass wilt , you sure know how to pick your favorite player’s child”. At that very moment my mouth dropped and a smile suddenly came down, teeth missing and all. There was a television in the back of the store and it was showing every shot he had made and i let loose a smile so bright that the stars would be proud. Speaking of being proud of someone who you have never met and probably never meet.

When one asks how was your childhood as a Kobe fan i can be proud to say. It was filled with 5 championships , a clutch performance in the Olympics. , a all star game duel with lebron , and a 60 point performance to cap it all. So when i think about it , i can sum it up in one word …..LEGENDARY




  1. Accidentally Single · June 4, 2016

    Great article, but Kobe? I’ll just keep in mind you were a child and impressionable lol.


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