Being known as the greatest NBA player of all time or “G.O.A.T.” is well above the Hall of Fame. I already know when I say “G.O.A.T”, the first NBA player that comes to mind for most readers is Michael Jordan. Yes, the man behind the famous shoes from the 80’s and 90’s, six time NBA champion, six time finals MVP, five time NBA Most Valuable Player, 1988 Slam Dunk Champion, 1988 Defensive Player of the Year, which is quite a feat for a guard, but Michael Jordan is not really the greatest player of all time (though many believe Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time). Some might argue William Felton Russell, better known as Bill, is the greatest, because of the numerous untouchable records that he holds. He won eleven championships all as a player and as a coach, and the amazing ways he went about getting them. I can that where most basketball fans ignore the players of the post because of many names left off their lists, such as those of Oscar Robertson and Kareem Abdul Jabar in favor of present – day greats like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. In the modern era of basketball, the older players are getting lost in the mix of this generations opinions. Bill Russell is especially over looked by the younger generation as the best basketball player ever. Read More

Cavs Vs Raptors / Game 6

IF YOU DONT FEEL LIKE READING THIS I LEFT A VIDEO FOR YOU AT THE BOTTOM . The road team finally won !!!!!! Also, it seems as if the king is still positioned nicely on his throne of the NBA. Well until we find out who will come out of the west . It was not very difficult for the king to reach his 6th straight nba finals as a player Read More

How much is 4 years of your life worth?

I’m just sitting in my kitchen listening to old Jackson 5 recordings thinking “well isn’t this just fine and dandy” , the 76ers have secured the number one pick in this upcoming draft. I know it is a great honor to be named a number one overall draft pick and you can go down with the greats that got picked at the spot i.e Lebron, Iverson, Shaq Read More

Warriors Vs Thunder -Game 5

The series is heating up between the warriors and the thunder and game five showed us what the 73-9 warriors can do. The buzz on social media was that Steph Curry  was still hurt in some way after his poor performances in games 3 and 4. Well let me rephrase myself , he did not play the way you would want a unanimous MVP to play (6-20 and 7-17 from the field ) but , after his 31 point outburst in game 5 it kinda gets you into the basketball feel again. I left the most of my thoughts and keypoints of the game in the video below . So make sure you click the link and let me know how you felt about the game .JOIN THE DEBATE